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SynMatrix is entering an exclusive collaboration agreement with the largest China business intelligence service provider based in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou..

05. 07. 2014

SynMatrix signed exclusive service agreement with Jiashan Tengye Photovoltaic Technology Company in China for its solar project in Texas, US.

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Our featured services

Business intelligence

To minimize your business risk, before making a deal or transaction with a overseas customer, supplier or potential business partner, the important and fundamental starting point for a new business relationship is thorough Due Diligence. SynMatrxi is able to help you performing discrete background and reputation checks on individual or corporation with regard to legal, financial, judicial, and tax-related issues. 

Our information content comes from hundreds of sources, including state  and regional administrations of industry & commerce, state and regional statistic bureaus, general customs, judiciary courts, state trademark  office, state patent office, stock exchanges, trade associations, all major financial & economic websites, etc. SynMatrix works with a pool of local professional credit analysts  as well as nation-wide information gathering points in order to acquire first hand information directly with subject companies and their trading partners as well as financial institutions. We are able to produce two types of credit investigation reports.

Business Credit Report
It contains comprehensive information divided into over 20 parts, including registration, history, management, finance, credit record, products, sales information, purchase information, import & export, trademarks & patents, industry information, industry comparison, credit rating, base credit limit, etc. Business Credit Report is widely used by banks, credit insurers and trade credit providers in their process of assessing credit capability and risk exposure of subject companies.

In-depth Credit Report
It provides deeper research and analysis on a company's history & background, business activities, financial status and industry information on the basis of a standard Business Credit Report. In-depth Credit Report contains more detailed information and analysis, and therefore costs more. It is very valuable when it is necessary to assess the credit status of an important customer or business partner.

Financial Investment

SynMatrix maintains close working relationships with local top tier venture capitalists, private equity funds and angel investors. With our in-depth knowledge of the local market and investment climate, we are able to undertake a series of evaluation processes and financial advisory service for our client's investment goals in China:
- Investment project identification
- Project assessment
- Project negotiation
- Project portfolio programming
- Government relations and policy awareness
- Mergers & acquisition

oil & gas

Equipment & Turn Key Contract Services
SynMatrix established partnerships with professional contracting firms specializing in “Turn Key Services” in drilling services; euipment lease and sale; engineering services; administrative & supervision of the disassembly; refurbishing, repairing and re-certifying of heavy components; re-assembly and re-commissioning of major capital equipment;
rig technician & operating crews; crating and shipping. services ranging from equipment financing/consulting to the inspection, cost analysis, evaluation, refurbishment, import/export logistics, aftermarket warrantees, delivery and installation. 

Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical

Regulatory Compliance consulting
There's nothing simple about overcoming the challenges of regulatory compliance in today's environment. Between the DEA and the FDA, you've got the combined provisions of the Prescription Drug Marketing Act (PDMA) and the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) to satisfy. SynMatrix team has spent the past decade expanding its capabilities in the area of compliance management and regulatory support. We are not only aimed to improve your ability to meet federal agency requirements, we streamline your compliance activities, reducing your costs and your management burdens.