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SynMatrix is entering an exclusive collaboration agreement with the largest China business intelligence service provider based in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou..

05. 07. 2014

SynMatrix signed exclusive service agreement with Jiashan Tengye Photovoltaic Technology Company in China for its solar project in Texas, US.

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In order to remain competitive in the global economy, you need to concentrate on your core business rather than spending your valuable time and resources  on transactions and process that could be handled by experienced specialists. SynMatrix's rich and diverse experience in areas that include business strategy, operations, product development, channel organization, market study and international business  help companies to understand the industry environments, identify target markets, provides strategical solution, conduct effective marketing, and develop sustainable and profitable customer relationships to solve your complex business issues, achieve results and maintain your competitive advantages.

  • Project management
  • Business intelligence
  • Outsourcing management
  • Product marketing and sales management
  • Technology investment in Canada and Greater China regions
  • Chinese business environment management


SynMatrix offers industry focus and expertise in the following sectors:

Automotive & Mechanical Industries
The year 2009 is a milestone for China’s auto industry as it's output hits 10 million mark in October, making it the third country in the world to surpass the annual output mark. Only the United States and Japan have previously passed the annual production figure of 10 million. The Automobile Production in China Is Expected To Reach 16 Million Units by 2012, Hitting A CAGR of Around 17% during 2009-2012, despite the ongoing financial crisis, China has also become the By 2015, China is expected to become the world’s largest vehicle producer.

China's size and impressive economic growth present huge environmental challenges, which are high on the government's agenda. China's Renewable Energy Law provides incentives for investment in alternative energy, especially in the wind, solar and bio-fuel sectors. China is planning to reduce its dependency on coal from 70% of its energy needs to 60% by 2020 by increasing its use of renewable energy sources from 6% today to 15% in 2020.

Media & Technology
China’s Media and Technology sector has experienced tremendous growth over the past decade. Primarily driven by the sustained economic growth, industry upgrading and globalization, the growth momentum in the sector will continue. We believe the Media and Technology sector possesses a significant amount of potential in new media, computer service, as well as emerging opportunities across various media/IT platforms.

Natural Resources
As China's economic development continues at a historically high rate, the need for raw materials and energy also continues to grow. While China is rich in natural resources, the domestic supply of most commodities is far from meeting internal demand, making it necessary for China to import long-term supplies of natural resources from overseas. The Chinese government is strongly encouraging the major Chinese manufacturers to secure long-term supplies of natural resources overseas through direct investment and ownership.

Oil and Gas
SynMatrix established partnerships with professional contracting firms specializing in “Turn Key Services” in Drilling Services; Engineering Services; Administrative & Supervision of the Disassembly; Refurbishing, Repairing and Re-certifying of Heavy Components; Re-assembly and Re-Commissioning of major Capital Equipment; Rig Technician & Operating Crews ; Crating and Shipping. Services ranging from equipment financing/consulting to the inspection, cost analysis, evaluation, refurbishment, import/export logistics, aftermarket warrantees, delivery and installation. Our team has a wealth of industry knowledge and will be using this knowledge to bring value to each and every project they enter. Thus, by controlling the entire process of purchasing, restoration and upgrading to leasing or Sale of the rigs or other capital equipment to the end operator, we reduce the risk that most ventures inherit