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SynMatrix is entering an exclusive collaboration agreement with the largest China business intelligence service provider based in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou..

05. 07. 2014

SynMatrix signed exclusive service agreement with Jiashan Tengye Photovoltaic Technology Company in China for its solar project in Texas, US.

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SynMatrix is an experienced  business consultancy that provides comprehensive business development, market intelligence, strategy advise, project management and investment consultant services to help clients achieve their goals in greater China regions (PRC, Taiwan & Hong Kong).  The firm was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada.  SynMatrix professionals are located in Vancouver, Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou and Taipei.


SynMatrix offers a seasoned team of experienced senior professionals who operate with the highest standards of integrity and objectivity. The team draws upon decades of collaborations with leading multinationals in the different regions worldwide to offer industry knowledge and technology competence. SynMatrix’s success in delivering results and business closure is based on its team’s extensive track records and local reaches to the key decision-makers.


Over the years, SynMatrix has been focusing attentions on the development and future of most dynamic industries in China. The industrial sectors we service is quite diverse, including niche high technology development companies in the areas of Information Technology, Telecommunication, New Media, Health Science as well as conventional Agriculture, Resources and Mining, Oil and Gas and Mechanic manufacturing and processing firms.



SynMayrix provides information, research and consulting services in terms of business intelligence investigation, business development,  marketing, channel organization, technical and outsourcing  services, manufacturing and professional consulting in order to help companies in the foresaid industry sectors to understand the industry and investment environments, identify target markets, verify potential supplier, customer or partner, conduct effective marketing, and develop sustainable and profitable customer relationships.



SynMatrix’s clients range from small fast growing, angel or venture backed, technology firms, to large established capital firms. SynMatrix works with clients in the Canada, US, China, south America and Asia Pacific to deliver business solutions essential for profitable growth. Since inception, SynMatrix has served more than fifty organizations in business representation, technical, investment, operational and strategic advisory services and has achieved  significant credentials in terms of revenue growth, reach depth, and strategic alliances formed.